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Play Our Games

Our club members are constantly making new and interesting content. We post them regularly on our Showcase page. You can even play our games!

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Watch Our Animations

Our animation majors love to post animatics, artwork, and of course animations. You can view all our works on our showcase page.

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Host Your Portfolio

Build a professional online portfolio through our portfolio workshop. We will teach you how to make it look professional and your options for domains and hosting. For members on a budget, we can host your website for free.

Build Your Skillset

2D Art

Are you an aspiring artist? Make some art! Draw some character and environmental art. Do some material design. Make video game art, animations, and cut-scenes too!

Game Development & Design

Make a game using GameMaker (offered to members for free!) and Unity. Design a prototype with your friends. Learn tips and tricks that will help you stand out in your classes.

2D / 3D Modeling

Build something cool in Maya or rig your favorite character. Even 3D print your favorite designs to share with your friends. We can even help you sell your 3D printed designs for some extra cash.


Make Animation Shorts and Animatics. These make great group projects to add to your portfolio. With our Cintiq PC's and pens, drawing up your projects will be a breeze.

Audio Production

Audio majors don't have to work on solo-projects. We have plenty of opportunities for audio designers and musicians to really shine. SMC offers some of the best recording options in the area.

Voice Acting

Interested in getting some voice acting experience? Want to play a character in animated short or game? There's no need for technical skills just personality.

Portfolio Building

Do you want your portfolio to stand out from the droves of applicants that Universities and Studios receive? Do you want to find internships/jobs from local and upcoming studios? We can help!

Skillbuilding Workshops

Expand and build your skills through workshops dedicated to Portfolios, Animation, Game Design, 2D/3D Modeling, and Game Development. Checkout our events page for more info.

Group Projects

Every portfolio has homework and solo-projects in them. What Universities and Studios want are group-projects and projects independent from homework. Join us to build something you couldn't do alone.

Join A Group Project Now

Pitch your idea to GAX members, join a project, collaborate, coordinate, experiment.

Weekly Meetings

We meet at the same time and place, every week.


2 - 3pm




CMD 125

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