GAX Jam – Animation and Game Dev Event (Dec 1st)

What’s a GAX Jam?

Well, first, it’s awesome! We get together in CMD125 and pick a theme for the event. Then we split up into teams and start working on a project that’s game/animation related and based on the theme. The goal is to brainstorm and make a something small enough in scope that it can be finished by the end of the event. This is a friendly competition where all teams that complete the challenge get a sweet prize!

Event Details

Friday, December 1st
CMD125 from 1-10pm

CMD125 can be found at SMC Center for Media and Design

Why are jams so awesome?

You’ll meet and collaborate with amazing new people with a wide range of talents and backgrounds. You’ll learn, you’ll explore, experiment and gain valuable experience. Best of all, you’ll have something cool to show by the end of the event.

Even if you’re a beginner, there is something you can do to help your team out. This is a great opportunity to build/learn a skill you’ve been interested in.

Free software, assets, merch, prizes, and food!

Yup, dinner is on us! We got you covered with pizza (vegetarian too) and drinks!

We also have a huge list of free software and assets ready for the taking, and of course, we have the Cintiq PC’s with those sexy Wacom pens.

What are the prizes?! Everyone who turns in a project at the end of the event gets a free 3D printed toy and a swag bag of goodies!

Beginner Workshops

At the start of the event, we will have some short workshops to give people an intro on game development and animation. So, if you have no experience, we will help you hit the ground running.

Go to our #gax-jam channel on our Discord to post questions and stay up-to-date!


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