January 07, 2018

Meeting Info

We have a NEW meeting time and location on SMC's NEW CAMPUS. Find out the details here!


January 01, 2018

Happy New Years

This past semester we made a lot of great memories together. Thank you for making this Fall a special one. Check out all the fun things we got to do this time around. ...

What's a GAX Jam? Well, first, it's awesome! We get together in CMD125 and pick a theme for the event. Then we split up into teams and start working on a project that's game/animation related and based on the theme. The goal is to brainstorm and make a something small enough in scope that it can be finished by the end of the event. This is ...

We all need an online version of our portfolio but it's hard getting started. We'll show you how easily you can make a beautiful looking online portfolio and business cards too! By the end of the session you'll be ready for those networking events! No design skills necessary! ...