Happy New Years

This past semester we made a lot of great memories together. Thank you for making this Fall a special one. Check out all the fun things we got to do this time around.


Our Adventures This Semester!



First, Club Row gave us a chance to show off the work of our members and make new friends. There we set up a couple play-testing laptops so that students could play our games and watch our animations. It was a lot of fun and everyone loved our work!


Thanks to Professor Javelosa, we then went to Indiecade where we got to play indie games and attend panels on game development from developers all over the world. Later, Professor Keeshen got us tickets to CTN expo where we got a chance to met our favorite artists, attend panels, and network with people in the entertainment industry.



Then there was the UCLA Game Festival, which showcased games made by students and alumni of UCLA. We played truly innovative games while eating free food. There we attended a concert by the Game Music Ensemble, who played music from some of the greatest games of all time.



We also had two super fun GAX Jams, went to a few Gnomon and USC MEGA dev panels, and the Student Academy Awards.


In short, this Fall was amazing! Thank you for being part of it.

Wishing you the best 2018 ever,

GAX Club @ SMC



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